PGI100 PowerPanel TM

Much more than an operator interface... SCADA-Like without "PC Pains"

The Powerpanel from Uticor is the most advanced operator interface terminal in the market. Thousands of control engineers all over the world have fallen in love with this panel because:

It has the easiest to use FREE Programming software. This software has been tested by an independent organization to be the fastest screen development software in the business. Its unique patent pending "online-programming" (not available on any other panel) saves thousands of dollars in bringing a new machine / process on-line or making changes to the program without shutting down the machine/process. Click here to see the software demo or download free software and experience the power of this remarkable software yourself in just a couple of minutes. Uticors software reliability test program ensures a bullet proof software that is also backwards compatible.

Some of the highlights of the PowerPanel are listed below:
  • Connectivity to any PLC
  • Dual Driver
  • Data Acquitting
  • Expressions
  • Free Software!
  • Field Upgradable
  • 3 yr Warranty
  • Online Programming

The PowerPanel is available in all sizes from 6" Monochrome to 15" TFT.