Next Gen Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Computers Fanless PC | UTICOR offers with the 6th Generation Intel Core I mobile Processors, a line of Panel PCs, which have a completely fanless Design.

The PC is available with 6 different Display Sizes. Depending on the mounted Display, the Resolution is 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 or 1920 x 1080 Pixel.

The PC is equipped with an embedded 3.5" Processor Board. It comes with a Core i3 Processor with a Benchmark of 3498. Core i5 with a Benchmark of 3898 or a Core i7 with a Benchmark of 4750 options are available.
A 2.5" Flash Disk with 120 GB capacity.

System Memory of 8 GB or optional 16 GB.

The PC can be booted up from the USB Port.

Two LAN Ports, up to four serial and five USB Ports, plus a USB 3.1 Port take care of the external interfacing. An external monitor can be connected to the Display Port.

The PC is available with a Stainless Steel Panel Mounted Front Bezel. The System offers a Front with IP 65 Protection and Touch Screen or protective Glass. UTICOR also offers customer-specified solutions.

Models & Pricing