PMD 1100 Slave Marquee Display

The PMD 1100 is a slim-line alphanumeric slave marquee that uses attention-getting RED LED colors to indicate equipment status instantly. On the top and bottom of the unit are knockouts for routing wires inside the unit to connect service power and communication cabling.

These slave units display information received from a Master Message Display, or a PowerPanel Touchscreen Programmable Graphics Interface, computer, or other intelligent device with serial communication capabilities.

Messages can be stationary, blinking, centered, or smoothly scrolling from right to left. The PMD 1100 can also display a bar graph. Each PMD 1100 has an RS-422A serial repeater port that lets you daisy-chain numerous groups of displays together; or, if you use RS-485A communications, you can have up to 32 units on the same communication line. Yet, by assigning each unit a unique address, only the desired message will be displayed at each station.


  • 1 Line
  • 20 Characters
  • 2" High Red LED Characters

  • Eight International Character Sets
  • 4 Variable Data Sets of 5 digits each
  • NEMA 12 enclosure