PMD 200S Slave Message Display

The PMD 200S Slave Display was designed to give you more display continuity and flexibility than ever before. This extraordinary low-cost unit is an alphanumeric display that can be interfaced to all Master Message Displays, Message Controllers, PowerPanel Touchscreen Programmable Graphical Interface, or any PC that has an RS-422A or RS-232C serial port.

Like its PMD 200 Series Master Display counterpart, the PMD 200S Slave is available with 2-line display with 20 vacuum fluorescent characters 0.433" (11.0 mm) high. Interfacing to this unit is not a problem either. The PMD 200S Slave Display supports both ASCII and PMD protocols.

Messages are programmed into the Master in a format that is understood by the slave display. Messages with real-time and variable data are updated from the Master. When the Slave receives new time/date/data information, the message currently being displayed is updated. While this information is sent by the Master to all Slave displays, the PMD 200S Slave displays only messages that were programmed with an address acceptable to the particular slave unit.

The PMD 200S Slave display may also receive its information from a computer (mainframe, minicomputer, PC, or PLC ASCII interface that can handle 8-bit binary). By sending data in a format similar to that used in the memory of a PMD Master display (in 8-bit binary), a computer can display messages directly on PMD 200S Slave displays without the use of a Master. Using this mode of communication, the Slave will respond to communication messages it receives and send replies to the controlling device.

Each slave is given an individual address using the front panel pushbuttons. The units’ addresses consist of a group number from 0 to 15 and a unit number from 0 to 4,095. Along with the individual addresses, you can also address all the displays in the same group or all the slave displays at once. Connections to the PMD 200S Slave Display are made easily using the wireclamp terminals provided on the back panel of the unit.


  • 2-line display with 20 vacuum fluorescent characters 0.433" (11.0 mm) high
  • Can be viewed from 20 ft. (6.1 m)
  • Accommodates Display time, date, variable data signals
  • Will display scroll, chain, blink, print, log, & center messages
  • UL Listed

  • CSA Certified
  • FM Division I, Class 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • 115/230 VAC, 47-68 Hz, 18 VA (standard)
  • 24 VDC (20-32 VDC), 18 VA (optional)
  • NEMA 12 Front panel