PMD 3000 Slave Marquee Display

The PMD 3000 is a large LED-based Slave Display available in 36", 72", and 144" (914.4, 1828.8, and 3657.6 mm) widths and 4.8", 9.6", or 19.2" (121.9, 243.8, or 487.7 mm) heights for a total of eight different sizes (a maximum width, maximum height version is not available). The PMD 3000 uses attention-getting RED LED colors in 2", 4", 6" or 8" (50.8, 101.6, 152.4, or 203.2 mm) characters to indicate equipment status instantly.

These versatile displays also let you adjust character and line heights, add blinking, scrolling, and unveiling effects, and feature multiple messages simultaneously.

The PMD 3000 offers suspended mounting using either the eyebolts on top or mounting kits that allow adjustable angled viewing. Two knockouts are provided in the PMD 3000's steel case for the routing of wires. Fuses, connectors, and switches are accessed by removing the back panel.

A scratch-resistant lens/filter on the front panel covers the LED field and protects the inside of the unit.


  • 1 to 8 Lines
  • 5 to 80 Red LED Characters per Line
  • Three Heights and Three Widths Give Eight Versions

  • 2" to 8" (50.8 to 203.2 mm) High Characters
  • Eight International Character Sets
  • NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 enclosur