PMD 3100 Slave Marquee Display

The PMD 3100 Series is a large master marquee display available in 11.5", 16.3", and 25.9" (292.1, 414, and 657.9 mm) heights and 40", 76", and 150" (1016, 1930.4, and 3810 mm) widths in a total of eight different sizes (maximum height and maximum width model is not available).

The PMD 3100 Series uses attention-getting Red LED colors in 2", 4", 6" or 8" (50.8, 101.6, 152.4, or 203.2 mm) character heights to indicate equipment status instantly.

These versatile displays also let you adjust character and line heights, add blinking, scrolling, and unveiling effects, and feature multiple messages simultaneously.

The PMD 3100 Series offers suspended mounting using either the eyebolts on top or mounting kits that allow adjustable angled viewing. Two knockouts are provided in the PMD 3100's steel case for the routing of wires. Fuses, connectors, and switches are accessed by removing the back panel.

A scratch-resistant lens/filter on the front panel covers the LED field and protects the inside of the unit.

Several versions of the PMD 3100 Series are available. They differ in the way they can communicate with external devices and/or PLCs.

PMD 3100 Messages are triggered via the 16-bit parallel port.

Note: In the following models, the PMD 3100 parallel port, the associated Message Control Terminals, and the Power In/Power Out Terminals have been removed and replaced by the PLC interface connector located on the interface board. Please be advised that all of the direct PLC interface units require you to punch a hole to accommodate the wiring. Please be careful of metal filings.

PMD 3150 is essentially a PMD 3100 which directly interfaces to an Allen-Bradley PLC2, PLC3, or PLC5 through Remote I/O Block Transfer or Data Highway/Plus. Each of these modes operates independently from the other and the PMD 3150 can be configured to communicate using any one of them. PMD 3150 has all of the PMD 3100 features, but receives communication through twinaxial cable ("blue hose").

PMD 3160 is very similar to the PMD3100 and contains an interface to Siemens/TI Series 545 CPU (and the 560 and 565 CPUs used in conjunction with the Siemens/TI RCC module) which have the RS-485 remote I/O module. The PMD 3160 will appear as an Remote Base Controller (RBC) to the Siemens/TI PLC. PMD 3160 can also listen to an existing RBC and use the information from it.

PMD 3180 has all of the PMD 3100 capabilities but contains support for a Genius Network Adapter (GENA) board which allows the PMD 3180 to be configured as a node on the Genius I/O system. The PMD 3180 can be configured as an I/O block on a Genius I/O system and will receive data from a bus interface module. A bus interface module is typically a PLC with a Genius bus controller module or a PCIM card installed in a personal computer. The PMD 3180 will exist on the Genius I/O network as an I/O block broadcasting its inputs to the bus and reading the outputs sent to it by the bus controller.


  • 1 to 8 Lines (see table, p. 61)
  • 5 to 80 Red LED Characters per Line (see table below)
  • 2 to 8" (50.8 to 203.2 mm) High Characters
  • Eight International Character Sets
  • 16K to 128K Memory

  • 4 Variable Data Sets
  • NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Free Message Programming Software
  • Data Logging