PMD 300MC Master Message Display

PMD300 Message Controller is essentially a Master Message Display without the built-in vacuum fluorescent display. It allows you to store message programs, log messages, operate slave displays, communicate via a computer interface, and all other PMD 300MC operating features except that it requires a slave display to view its messages.

The PMD 300MC Series Message Controller is designed to give you fast, accurate information when you need it most. The units give you maximum flexibility with minimum complexity. Because the PMD 300MC Series is so flexible, it is used in a wide variety of applications. And, since machinery, processes, and electronic equipment vary from application to application, there are numerous ways to enter information into and extract information from your PMD 300MC Series unit.

The PMD 300MC Series products provide information from your controlled process or automated operation. Simple ON/OFF signals from your PLC enable a PMD 300MC to translate current conditions into plain language by selecting a preprogrammed message and transmitting them to the appropriate message display(s). Message information may be sent to an on-line printer, stored in the PMD 300MC Series' data log, and/or sent to and displayed on one or more slave message displays; such as: PMD 180S, PMD 200S, PMD 300S, slave marquee displays, such as the PMD 1100, PMD 1200, PMD 1205, or numeric marquees PMD 1404 and PMD 1406.

These products feature chaining, blinking, scrolling, printing, and centering messages. Hardware features include data logging, 115 chained-message queuing with prioritization capability, and the ability to program messages in U.S., English, Swedish, French, Danish, German, Cyrillic, and Japanese Kana international character sets.

Any ASCII terminal, PLC with an ASCII module, or personal computer with an RS- 232C port can be used to program a PMD message controller. Custom program development software (DOS-only, Part Number 10F50) provides the menus, prompts, and help screens that make message entry and editing easy... You can program your displays, online, off line, or while residing in a network. And, the message simulation feature lets you see your message, as it will appear on your AVG Uticor Slave display(s).

The Message Controller's front panel is very similar to the back panel of the PMD 300 Series. In addition, the Message Controller has the PMD 300's three pushbuttons on its front panel as well. The PMD 300MC Series is designed for surface mounting; the back panel has slotted mounting holes for this purpose.

The PMD 300MC Series comprises several versions, PMD 300MC, 350MC, 360MC, and PMD 380MC. If you are using a PMD 300MC Series product with a PLC interface (PMD 350MC, 360MC, or 380MC), you need to be aware of the unit's scan time. The PMD 300MC unit has a maximum scan time of 185 msec. The typical scan time is less than 185 msec between each triggered message to guarantee that the PMD 300MC product will see the information. All four data sets can be changed within a single scan, but a data set cannot be changed twice within a scan of the PMD 300MC display

  • Stores approximately 175 80-character messages per 16K of EEPROM memory
  • Internal data logger has battery-backed RAM for internal storage of over 3,000 messages
  • Scroll, chain, blink, print, log, & center messages can be transmitted to external display(s)

  • 115/230 VAC (standard), 24 VDC (optional)
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • FM Division I, Class 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • NEMA 12 Front Panel