Free Flow Ladder on Screen
"Unprecedented Power in a Single Compact Machine Control..." (Patent Pending)

This new innovation from Uticor fills a long desired wish of many control engineers who wanted to have the HMI panel on the machine not only provide a graphical user interface for machine control, but also display the ladder logic on the HMI screen itself. It would also negate the need for two software packages, two databases to maintain for one program, excessive panel wiring and reduce the size of the control cabinet in the process.
Two models are offered TouchPLC and TouchPLC Jr. TouchPLC uses the super enhanced PowerPanel as its HMI where as TouchPLC Jr. uses the PowerPanel Lite as its HMI.
  • PowerPanel HMI
  • NEMA 4X, Class 1, Div II Stainless Steel Option
  • Data Acquisition, Downtime Monitor, SPC and Export to Excel
  • On-line Programming
  • Math Logic / Expressions, Machine Diagnostics
  • Alarms, Recipes, Multiple Languages
  • 32 DIO, 6 AIO, 2PWM, 2 100Khz Encoder Inputs
  • 4 PLS Outputs
  • Expandable to 116 DIO, 12 AIO
  • 2ms Scan Time
  • 6"-15" Screens
  • Modbus and ASCII Communications
  • Communications to other PLC Networks (DH+, RIO, etc.)
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Free Flow Ladder on Screen
  • 3 Year Warranty
TouchPLC Jr.
  • PowerPanel Lite HMI
  • NEMA 4 Plastic Housing
  • 32 DIO, 4 AIO, Expandable to 64 IO
  • 10ms Scan Time
  • On-line Programming
  • Math Logic, Machine Diagnostics
  • Alarms, Recipes, Multiple Languages
  • 6"-10" Screens
  • Free Flow Ladder on Screen
  • 1 Year Warranty

Free Flow ladder on Screen (Patent Pending)

The TouchPLC family has a unique feature of displaying the ladder logic rungs, fully commented, and the status of all logic elements (true or false) right on the HMI screen. In addition the TouchPLC also has the ability to force bits right from the HMI screen. This gives Uticor unprecedented power to reduce downtime and improve productivity on the plant floor.

Traditional Ladder Logic vs. Free Flow Ladder Logic

Easiest to use Integrated & FREE Programming Software

This integrated FREE Programming software is the easiest to program for both HMI and PLC functions. It has an "Auto Associate" feature that allows the ladder elements to be associated with their corresponding buttons, objects, indicators, or bitmaps. In addition you have only one program to attend to and no longer have to maintain two separate programs, one in the HMI and the other in the PLC. It is estimated that this feature alone can save the cost of the entire TouchPLC in a single episode of even a minor change in the machine program on the plant floor.

Connectivity on Other PLC Networks

The TouchPLC even though designed for relatively small to medium I/O applications (up to 128 I/O), has unbelievable connectivity to all the major control networks, as shown below.