Slave Marquee Needing ASCII or PMD Commands

Slave Tough SmartMarquees need to have the message to be displayed communicated to the marquee. These marquees do not have message storage capability except the last message sent to it. The message protocol can either be simple ASCII or PMD protocol that has been extensively used for Uticor Marquees. ASCII or PMD selection is made by the user through a DIP switch on the back panel of the Marquee.

Slave Tough SmartMarquees can also be ordered with Ethernet, DeviceNet, or Profibus communication interface built-in. This allows you to connect multiple Slave Tough SmartMarquee over any of these networks and reduces hard wiring costs.

ASCII String directly from PLC
Most PLCs have the capability of generating ASCII string for e.g. Allen Bradley SLC and Micrologic series have AWT ASCII write command, Mitsubishi FX series PLCs have RS (FNC 80) and Siemens S7 series have SMT string generator instructions.

ASCII String over Ethernet
ASCII strings can also be sent to the Slave Tough SmartMarquees over Ethernet medium using TCP/IP protocol.

PMD Input from Uticor 3100 Master Marquee or PMD External Message Controller The Slave Tough SmartMarquees can also accept message strings in PMD protocol. This protocol has additional advantages of being able to blink a single character or word, have a chained message, invisible message or a circular message que.

ASCII String from DeviceNet or Profibus
Slave Tough SmartMarquee models when ordered with built-in DeviceNet or Profibus interface provides DeviceNet or Profibus connectivity. This interface provides a digital, multi-drop network that can be used for communicating with DeviceNet or Profibus enabled controllers and I/O devices. These slave interfaces accept ASCII strings from their respective masters. DeviceNet control system provides a single point of connection both for configuration and support for I/O as well as explicit messaging. The Profibus communication interface also has an autodetect feature for the baud rate of the Profibus network.

Marquee Configurations

Slave Marquees DO NOT STORE message, and do not initiate communications with other intelligent devices, such as PLCs. These Marquees display characters received on their serial port. The slave marquees are typically driven by another Master marquee, PLC, a message controller or some other intelligent device, such as a PC.