New Uticor UT3 Lite Series Our new UT3 Series HMI Touch Panels has it all! Every feature of all earlier Uticor models plus more are combined into the UT3 Lite Series at a reduced price.
Our line of HMI Touch Panels have been consistently voted to have the easiest HMI programming software available, with the same programming software for every model and size. You can seamlessly transfer your existing Touch Panel project to the UT3 Lite, which also offers exclusive on-line program editing with no downtime. An OEM Packager allows you to send updates to customers without the need for additional programming software. The UT3 Lite series is only available in a NEMA 4 Plastic bezel which will suit most environments at a much lower price than our traditional NEMA 4X Metal and Stainless bezels.

HMI Features
  • 5.7", 7" (Wide Screen), 8", 10.4", 15" (Touch Plus) TFT Colour Touch Panel screens
  • 2 Serial Ports (RS232/422/485), 2 USB Ports, 1 Ethernet Port and 1 Memory Card Slot
  • New AVG Image Library (4000+ Symbols)
  • Advanced Alarm Messages & Screens
  • Email & Text Message Alerts
  • Trending Graphs
  • Data logging (USB & MicroSD)
  • Up to 999 User designed screens
  • Patented Online Edit of HMI (No Machine Downtime, Edit on the Fly)
  • Ethernet Port for Remote Access and connectivity to PLCs, AC Drives, or 3rd party devices

  • Supports most PLC Drivers & Communication protocols
  • 2 Serial ports ( RS232/422/485)
  • Ethernet built-in 10/100 Base T
  • Protocol Conversion - Feature built-in the uWIN to convert tags/values from one PLC manufacturer to a different PLC manufacturer
  • Dual Driver Support to simultaneously connect with two different PLC manufacturers or PLC and AC Drive
  • Remote capability over PC, Tablet or Smart Phone (Apple iOS and Google Android)
  • EZ Wifi - Wirelessly Connect to UT3

Software Features
  • Single Programming edit software for all Uticor products (uWIN)
  • Protocol Conversion - Feature built-in the UT3 series to convert tags/values from one PLC manufacturer to a different PLC manufacturer
  • EZiest and Fastest screen development
  • Unique Online-edit of HMI (No Machine Downtime, Edit on the Fly)
  • Pass thru Programming (Connect and Program HMI or PLC thru HMI programming port)
  • Simple "C Level" scripting/Logic expressions
  • Data Logging - Transfer Data over Ethernet on PC or Netowrk using Free EZRMC File Manager
  • OEM Utility Packager - Send Program as a .EXE file to End-User. (No uWIN software required for End-User)