Industrial Panel Monitors for Plant Computers made in Germany

This new range of TFT flat panel monitors include:

  • Choice of Stainless Steel or Black Powder Coated Front Bezel including 19" Front Bezel option
  • Analogue resistive touch screen or optional "SAW touch
  • IP65 front plate with normal or anti-glare protective glass
  • Built using components made by large, global companies for long term support.
  • High specifications at low cost.
  • Long term support and availability.
  • The monitors are available in sizes from 12.1", 15", 17" 19" and 22"
  • Customised solutions possible
All monitors offer VGA and DVI Interface. The 15", 17", 19" and 22" monitors are also available with S-Video and Composite Video Inputs. Our monitors are supplied with a analogue resistive touch screen or optional capacitive or SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch. The touch controller offers either a RS232 or USB Interface for communications. In cases the monitor when supplied without a touch screen the Display is protected with a glass cover with normal, chemical or optical anti glare glass.