LED Industrial Master Display Marquee with the Intelligence of an HMI

Uticor Marquees are a class in themselves. They have been used in plants through-out the world particularly in the automotive, steel, tire, canning, brewery and cement plants. Tens of thousands of Uticor Marquees have worked flawlessly in General Motor, Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Toyota plants displaying crucial information to plant personnel in their press and paint shops. The word Uticor is synonymous with high class automotive marquees. Uticor has consistently ranked among the very Top suppliers of Alpha-numeric message displays.

Uticor Marquees have the reputation of surviving an inadvertent forklift hit inside a plant. In fact many plant personnel will tell you that Uticor’s famous PMD3000, with a heavy duty steel construction, not only survive a forklift hit, it was the forklift that got damaged.


Uticor Products go through HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) to identify and eliminate components/areas likely to fail prematurely. HALT-HASS process simulates product life over the next 20 years of operation.

96 Hour Burn-in

In addition to matched LEDs, Uticor products go through a 96 hour burn-in
period to eliminate infant mortality of thousands of LEDs in a typical marquee. If you pay close attention, for example at airports, you would see that quite often a marquee would have developed dark spots on some characters. A 4 line 40 Character marquee has 7,680 individual LEDs. Even a 0.05% infant mortality (typical of LEDs and other optoelectronic semiconductors) could have four bad LEDs. 96 hour burn-in assures heating out the weak LEDs before the Tough SmartMarquee is shipped to you.