PMD 1404/1406 Slave Marquee Display

The low-cost PMD 1404/1406 are numerical marquee displays that use attention-getting RED, 7-segment LED numerals to indicate equipment status instantly. These versatile displays can be stacked up to eight units high and wall-mounted or suspended above production aisles.

These units display numerical data received from a Master Message Display, PowerPanel Touchscreen Programmable Graphics Interface, computer, or other intelligent device with serial communication capabilities. PMD 1404/1406 displays have a slave port allowing them to be networked.

Options available include a clock module, counter module, and timed-printing module. The clock option allows the unit to operate as a real-time clock, while the counter module allows the unit to be configured as either a rate or accumulative counter. The third option allows the user to print hard copy of displayed data. The counter and clock options have parallel inputs, while the timed-printing module is serial. All three have configuration switches.

PMD 1404 displays numbers between -999 to 9999.

PMD 1406 displays numbers between -99999 to 999999.


  • 1 Line
  • 4 (PMD 1404) or 6 (PMD 1406) Digits
  • 4" (101.6 mm) High Red LED Digits

  • Seven-Segment Digit
  • Selectable decimal point and colon
  • NEMA 12 enclosure