PMD 400 Master Message Display

The PMD 400 Series Programmable Message Display is designed to give you fast, accurate information when you need it most. The units give you maximum flexibility with minimum complexity. Because the PMD 400 Series is so flexible, it is used in a wide-variety of applications. And, since machinery, processes, and electronic equipment vary from application to application, there are numerous ways to enter information into and extract information from your PMD 400 Series unit.

The PMD 400 Series products provide information from your controlled process or automated operation. Simple ON/OFF signals from your PLC enable a PMD 400 to translate current conditions into plain language by selecting a preprogrammed message. Message information may be displayed on the PMD 400's alphanumeric display, sent to an on-line printer, stored in the PMD 400's data log, and/or sent to and displayed on slave message displays; such as: PMD 180S, PMD 200S, PMD 300S, slave marquee displays, such as the PMD 1100, PMD 1200, PMD 1205, or numeric marquees PMD 1404 and PMD 1406.

These products feature chaining, blinking, scrolling, printing, and centering messages. Hardware features include data logging, 115 chained-message queuing with prioritization capability, and the ability to program messages in U.S., English, Swedish, French, Danish, German, Cyrillic, and Japanese Kana international character sets.

Any ASCII terminal, PLC with an ASCII module, or personal computer with an RS-232C port can be used to program a PMD message display. Custom program development software (DOS-only, Part Number 10F50) provides the menus, prompts, and help screens that make message entry and editing easy... You can program your displays, online, off line, or while residing in a network. And, the message simulation feature lets you see your message, as it will appear on your PMD 400 Series display.

The PMD 400 Series comprises several versions, PMD 400, 450, 460, and PMD 480. If you are using a PMD 400 Series product with a PLC interface (PMD 450, 460, or 480), you need to be aware of the unit's scan time. The PMD 400 unit has a maximum scan time of 185 msec. The typical scan time is less than 185 msec between each triggered message to guarantee that the PMD 400 product will see the information. All four data sets can be changed within a single scan, but a data set cannot be changed twice within a scan of the PMD 400 display.

Messages Can:
  • Display on masters
  • Display on virtually unlimited number of slaves
  • Display time, date, and variable data
  • Display punctuation as well as letters
  • Be triggered by time of day

  • Scroll left or up
  • Blink words or characters
  • Log with time/date stamp
  • Print
  • Chain messages (up to 115)