Tough Smart Marquee Features

Tough SmartMarquees are the Marquees with the Intellegence of an HMI having built-in Toughpanel HMI CPU which allows to read, calculate, compare PLC tags and perform complex math operation, generate alarms. Matched LEDs for Uniform

Uticor uses specially matched LEDs for its marquee product lines. Hence, the brightness of LEDs remain uniform over the life of the marquee, making it pleasant to look at.

Tough yet Energy Efficient
Even though built tough like a tank, the new Tough SmartMarquees from Uticor are extremely energy efficient and use typically 1/3rd the power of our competitors.

Higher Temperature Rating, 60°C
Highly efficient Tough SmartMarquees consume less power and thus less heat allowing it to operate at higher temperatures.

96 Hour Burn-in
In addition to matched LEDs, Uticor products go through a 96 hour burnin period to eliminate infant mortality of thousands of LEDs in a typical marquee.

Quality - 4 years Warranty
The high quality manufacturing process translates in years of trouble free service with consistent looking display. Uticor reliable manufacturing allows us to offer a FOUR YEAR warranty on all it’s marquee products.

Scroll and Blink your Messages
With Tough SmartMarquee, display your messages Stationary, Scrolling or Blinking based on the embedded codes in an ASCII string.

International Character Set
Take advantage of Tough SmartMarquee’s International character set to display your messages in multiple international languages. This option is switch selectable to allow message display in U.S. English, French, Danish, Swedish, German, Cyrillic or Japanese Kana!

Easy to Apply and Network
No ladder logic change required when adding a display to communicate Machine/ Process status and alarms to plant floor as long as the data is available in PLC network, using ASCII (RS422), Ethernet, DeviceNet, DH+/RIO, Mobus RTU, Modbus+, CCLink, DH 485, Modbus TCP/IP, SRTP or Profibus and many other communication protocols.

Mixed Character
Heights on the Same Line Displays mixed character sizes on the same line! Other marquees limit you to use just one character per line, which means you cannot use 2”, 4”, 6” or 8” character sizes on the same line.

Connects to Major PLCs and Networks
Uticor Tough SmartMarquees connects to Allen Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, Mitsubishi, DH+, Profibus, etc.

Full 5x8 Dotmatrix Character
Uticor Marquees uses a full 5x8 Dotmatrix LED block. Unlike some others, we do not compromise the appearance of the marquee by using a 5x5 LED block to reduce cost.